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BCW6219 Explosion proof Ceiling Light

Various flammable and explosive indoor work places,优博娱乐老虎机,优博娱乐APP,优博娱乐:warehouses, platforms and passageways, etc.
a.      With China national explosive-proof certificate; the highest explosion-proof degree;
b.      Can be used safely in various flammable and explosive places.
B. Shell: ZL102 alloy by die-casting molding, high-strength electrostatic spray.
a.      Tempered glass lampshade, stainless steel exposed fasteners.
b. Protective mesh, double corrosion-proof devices by zinc spray and then coating spray.
D. Humane design.
E. Steel pipe: G3/4 "
Technical parameters:
1. Voltage: AC220V/50Hz
2. Light source: incandescent lamp 100W
3. Cable outer dia.:φ10-φ14mm
4. Inlet Screw thread:3/4"
5. Connector cable: ≦2.5mm
6. Weight: 4.6Kg
7. Explosion-proof mark: Ex deIICT4
8. Shell Protection grade: IP65
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