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BCW6221 Explosion proof Fluorescent Light

Various flammable and explosive places, combustible dust night working environmentsvarious indoor work placeswarehousesplatforms and passageways, etc.
A. With China national explosive-proof certificate with the highest explosion-proof degree,申博娱乐网,申博娱乐网址,申博娱乐: can be used safely in various flammable and explosive places.
B. Light weight and elegant appearance, waterproof, anti-dust and anti-corrosion.
C. With good alloy, the shell has undergone stretching molding and surface spray.
D. It is easy for maintenance with the light shade which can be opened quickly.
E. It adopts steel pipe for conductor arrangement.
Technical parameters:
1Explosion-proof mark: DIPDTT13
2Shell Protection grade: IP65
3Corrosion-proof grade: WF2
4Voltage: AC220V/50Hz
5Light source:
Self-ballasted mercury vapor lamp 125W  
Incandescent lamp 200W
High-pressure mercury lamp 125W
Metal Halide Lamp: 100W
High-pressure sodium lamp 110W
6Cable outer dia.:φ10-φ14mm
7Inlet Screw thread:3/4"
8Weight: 2.2Kg
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