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BFC6181 Explosion proof LED light

Petroleum, electric power, oil-extraction vehicles and panel housing vehicles, etc.
Explosion-proof: With china explosion-proof certificate, can be used safely in any flammable and explosive fields.
High-efficacy& Energy-Saving: Cree LED, average life up to 100000h, conforming to the standards of "Energy Star".
Durable& Reliable:
a.       ZL102 alloy, high-strength cast molding & added stiffener;
b.      Matt black plastic powder spray;
c.       Excellent shell strength, anti-crash, anti-corrosion & good heat dissipation effect.
d.      Transparent part & lamp head pad: are fastened by glue and joined by screw with the shell;
e.       Reflector: PC material & vacuum electroplating surface;
f.       Transparent part: tempered high borosilicate glass, excellent impact resistance.
Technical parameters:
1.Rated voltage: AC220V/DC24V
2.Shell protection grade:IP65
3.Insulation grade:I
4.Corrosion-proof grade:WF2
5.Distance and height ratio:3.2
6.Inlet Screw thread: G3/4
7.Cable outer dia.:φ8-φ10mm
10. rated power: AC8*1W/8*3W    DC8*1W/8*3W
11. luminous flux: 960lm/3000lm
Mounting dimensions:
pendent mount  ceiling mount wall mount  curved-pole mount
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