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MZH2203 Energy Saving Gas station Light

Gas stations.
Concept: Humane design reflects the harmonious integration of aesthetic requirement for modern industrial lighting mode and concept of full harmony between human nature and nature.
a.      Save more than 50% of energy than traditional light;
b.      Minimum initial investment cost & operating cost.
Special light source:
a.      HID lamp, lifecycle over 50000h;
b.      Color rendering index: over 90.
Lighting effect:
a.      Comfortable color temperature & color rendering properties;
b.      Low glare, more secure; reducing the number of required lamps.
Mounting Mode: Ceiling mount & embedded mount.
Technical Parameters:
1. Shell protection grade: IP65
2. Corrosion-proof grade: WF2
3. Voltage: 220V
4. Cable outer dia. :φ10-φ14mm
5. Insulation grade: Grade 1
6. Dimension:580×580×260mm
7. Weight: 10.2Kg

 To meet the requirements of different areas in the gas stations:

Ceiling lighting
Convenience stores lighting
Sign lighting
Road lighting
Luminaire: MZH2203/250WZhenghui Light optical system
Power of light source: 250W          150W
Light output when adjusted to 50% : 6h/day
Light output when adjusted to 100% : 5h/day
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