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NFC9188 Energy Saving Ceiling Light

Railway, electric powersteel, petrochemical, petroleum,优博娱乐官网|优博娱乐平台|优博娱乐:public security and other enterprises.
a. HID light; high efficiency;
b. Power factor: more than 0.9;
c. High luminous efficiency & good penetrability of fog, no flicker, no glare;
d. Average service life: 10000 hours.
Gentle beam:
Advanced optics & illumination principle; gentle beam, even lighting; avoiding discomfort &tiredness of the workmen.
Heat-dispersion: Humane structure& special open lid, improving the life of lamp.
Mounting Dimensions: Ceiling mounting & embedded mounting.
Technical parameters:
1. Voltage:AC220V/50Hz
2. Shell protection grade:IP23
3. Corrosion-proof grade: WF2
4. Insulation grade:Grade 1
5. Cable outer dia. :φ8-φ10mm
6. Power factor: 0.9
7. Dimension:300×198mm
8. Weight:4.3 kg
Mounting modes:
Seat mount; Wall mount; Ceiling mount
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