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NLC9300 Energy Saving Road light

Road lighting in the factory roads, in all levels of roads, bridges, ports, urban trunk roads and other places.
Energy Saving: HID light, high efficacy, long life & good penetrating power.
Applicable environment:
a.      High- temperature-resistant, corrosion-resistant, easy-to-clean.
b.      Automatic decomposition of the stain and non-stick oil; brightness and long-term illumination in the harsh environment.
c.       Light curve with optimal design; wide light angle, even luminance, ensuring high luminous flux output & reducing the attenuation of the reflectance.
Safe& reliable:
a.      Spring closing device, easy to install and open;
b.      Mounting angle: adjustable to meet the needs of different application areas.
c.       Optional photosensitive switch accessories can be installed with it.
d.      Inner-bulb-replacement structure, good sealing, preventing water, insects and dust entering into it.
Technical parameters:
1. Voltage/Hz:AC220V-50Hz
2.Shell protection grade: IP65
3. Insulation grade: Grade 1
4. Corrosion-proof grade: WF2
5. Cable outer dia. :φ10-φ14mm
6.Distance and height ratio: 5.4
7. Dimension:860×410×230mm
8. Weight:5.2 Kg(150w), 10kg(175w),
       11.5 Kg(250w), 13.5kg(400w)
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