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BFD8120B Portable Explosion proof Work Light

Army, police, railway, mettalurgy, airport electric power, tunnels and various enterprises.
a. With China national explosion-proof certificate; with the highest explosion-proof degree of explosion isolation.
b. Can be used safely in various flammable & explosive places.
a.      Tailor-made xenon bulb, high luminance, good color rendering, natural light color, energy saving.
b.      Two modes available: floodlight & spotlight.
c.       Soft-light reflector design, soft and even luminance.
d.      Professional optical design & special light reflecting design, high efficiency, no color, high anti-aging resistance.
Elevating cylinder:
a. High strength, light weight, corrosion resistant;
b. With flexible & safe locking device;
c. Intelligent anti-falling device;
d. Elevating height: 1.5m, can meet large-area lighting requirement.
Intelligent protection:
a.      Housing: tailor-made aluminium alloy.
b.      Electric components: rubber sealed; good anti-corrosion, anti-shock, anti-electrostatic and anti-insulation performance; can work safely in various harsh environments.
c.       Chassis: firm and steady; strong wind protection performance during fieldwork.
d.      Short-current protection, over-charge & over-discharge protection.
e.       Mobile wheels; move along slopes easily and reliably; wear-resistance, smart, light and handy for use.
Technical parameters
1.Explosion-proof mark: Ex deIICT6
2.Shell protection grade: IP65
3.Applicable scope: IIA, IIB, IIC, Zone 1& 2
4.Rated voltage 24V
5.Rated capacity   20Ah
6.Xenon light source   power of light source 35W
                Luminous flux   3200Lm
                Average service life 3000h
7.Continous lighting hour   ≥11h
8.Charge time     16h
9.Battery service life     recyclable 1000 times
10.Dimension   345*265*1140mm (contracted); 345*265*1530mm(extended)
11.Weight   26kg
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