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BWJ8310 LED Explosion proof Flashlight

Railway, electric power, public security, fire-fighting, army, steel, oilfield and other petrochemical enterprises.
a.      With China national explosion-proof certificate;
b.      Can be used safely in various flammable and explosive places.
High efficiency& Energy-Saving:
a.       US Cree LED light, high brightness, long life, low thermal resistance and low power cost,利来娱乐登录_利来娱乐网址_利来娱乐:conforming to the standards of "Energy Star".
b.      Two light modes: Work light & Strong light.
c.       more visually oriented and more humane. The indicator light on the switch makes the operation
d.      is directly screwed with the shell, ensuring faster heat dispersion.LED cooling fin
e.       Lithium-ion battery.
f.       Transparent part: tempered high borosilicate glass, high transmittance & excellent impact resistance.
g.      Reflector: PC materials and vacuum electroplating surface, high reflectance, soft & uniform illumination.
Reliable and durable:
a.      Shell: aviation alloy & anticathode oxidation, high rigidity, anti-crash, anti-collision, anti-corrosion & good heat dissipation.
b.      Front cover: copper alloy; a cross groove at the inner opening, making it more convenient to open the front cover.
c.       Coating: environment-friendly chrome, superior corrosion-resistant performance.
d.      Handle & back cove: aviation aluminum alloy; a charging port at the lower part of fixed handle at back cover.
e.       Coating: electrophoresis treatment, good corrosion resistance; switch: at the front end of the handle, making the operation more convenient.
Intelligent protection:
a.       Driver circuit of cross-current output, with functions of short circuit & open circuit protection.
b.      Luminance does not change with the change of the voltage;
c.       Low battery level warning function. The light will automatically flash 8 times in advance for reminding to charge in case of low battery.
d.      The intelligent charger has the function of over-charge protection.
Technical parameters
1. Explosion-proof mark: Ex dⅡCT6
Explosion-proof certificate No.: CE081518
2. Shell protection grade: IP68(100meters)
3. Rated voltage      14.8V
4. Rated capacity     2Ah
5. Light source LED rated power 3*3W
                  Current    strong light   700mA
                             Working light   300mA
                  Average service life≥100000h
6. Continuous lighting hour  strong light   ≥8h
                       Working light   16h
7. Charge hour    6-8h
8. Battery service life    recyclable about 1000 times
9. Dimension (outer diameter*length)    65*158mm
10. Weight       0.8kg


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