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CH-101A Bright Searchlight

Railway, electric power, public security, steel, oilfield and other petrochemical enterprise.
Lighting distance:
a.      High brightness, strong condensative capacity;
b.      Illumination distance: 500 meters.
High efficacy& Energy-saving:
a.      Siemens dual-filament halogen bulb;
b.      Long life & low energy consumption.
Reliable Durable:
a.      MH-Ni battery, large capacity, no memory, low self-discharge rate, excellent charge & discharge performances.
b.      engineering plastics, strong shock-proof, anti-impact and anti-collision properties.Shell:
Durable& Waterproof: The full-sealing artistic design enables it to work safely during a storm.
Convenient& Flexible: It can be used with hand carrying and shoulder carrying, etc.
Intelligent Protection: The microcomputer chip can prevent the battery from overcharging and effectively extend the battery service life.
Technical parameters
1.Rated voltage       7.2V
2.Rated capacity      3.5Ah
3.Light source     current     1A
               Luminous flux    150Lm
              Continuous service life   1500h
4.Continous lighting hour    2.5h
5.Charge hour    once normally used     ≥12h
              After the battery runs out   about 16h
6.Lighting distance maximum distance     500m
                Effective distance    350m
7.Battery service life      recyclable about 1500 times
8.Dimension       285*85mm
9.Weight       0.75kg

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