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CH-3500 Remote Control Searchlight

Railway, electric power, public security, steel, petrochemical and other enterprises.
Lighting distance: High brightness, strong condensative capacity; illumination distance: 1200 meters.
Lighting source: With external 12/24V DC power supply, it can work for long hours with large capacity batteries of cars (12V), ships (24V) and other mechanical & electrical equipments.
Illumination Angle:
a.      Omni-dimensional lighting.
b.      360°; vertically: 0°130°. Horizontally: 0°
Reliable& Durable:
a.      Shell: high-rigidity materials, strong shock-proof, anti-impact and anti-collision properties.
b.      Full-sealing design: can work safely in harsh environments such as storms & strong sea wave impact.
c.       It is applicable to cars, ships, towers, derricks, and other electrical & mechanical equipments for fixed lighting with a magnet at the bottom.
Two remote-control modes:
a.      Two modes: wire remote control & wireless remote control.
b.      Wireless remote control: effective distance: 50 meters, Barrier-free& orientation-free FM control.
c.       Illumination angle: can be adjusted all-round in pursuant with the actual need.
Intelligent Protection:
a.       Microcomputer chip protection device;
b.      It will cut off automatically when the power voltage supply is too high or too low. And it will resume illumination when the voltage turns normal.
Technical parameters
1Patent No.: 02349025.X
2Shell protection grade:IP65
3Input voltage DC 12/24V
            AC(connected with a converter)   180-265V
4Light source     working current     8.3/4.16A
                   Luminous flux   2500Lm
               Average service life   ≥1500h
5Illumination distance   1200m
6Adjustable rotation angle   elevation angle    68°
                        depression angle   35°
                         horizontally      360°
7Effective remote control distance   50m
8Dimension     200*252*300mm
9Weight        4.2kg

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