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CH-568 Bright Searchlight

Railway, electric power, public security, oil fields, mines and other outdoor places.
Lighting distance:
a.      High brightness, strong condensative capacity;
b.      Illumination distance: 1000 meters.
High efficacy& Energy-saving:
a.      Siemens dual-filament halogen bulb, long life, low energy consumption,
b.      Applicable for accident & criminal investigation, trace & fingerprint photographing.
c.       Continuous lighting time: 2h (strong light); 3h (work light).
Reliable Durable:
a.      MH-Ni battery, large capacity, no memory, no pollution, low self-discharge rate, excellent charge & discharge performances.
b.      There remains power no less than 90% of the full charge within 1year and 70% within 2 years.
c.       Shell: engineering plastics, strong shock-proof, anti-impact & anti-collision properties.
Durable& Waterproof: The full-sealing artistic design enables it to work safely during a storm.
Convenient& Flexible:
a.      Two lighting modes: strong light mode & working light mode.
b.      It can be used with hand carrying and shoulder carrying, etc.
Intelligent Protection: The microcomputer chip can prevent the battery from overcharging, effectively extending the battery service life.
Voice prompt: When the power is low, the computer voice prompt will remind you to charge.
Technical parameters:
1. Patent No.: 01318426.1
2. Shell protection grade:IP65
3. Rated voltage    6V
4. Rated capacity    8Ah
5. Light source   current       strong light   4A
                          Working light   2.5A
            Luminous flux strong light    1800Lm
                          Working light   600Lm
              Average service life    ≥1500h
6. Continuous working time      strong light   2h
                         Working light    3h
7. Charge hour       about 12h
8. Battery service life   recyclable     about 2000 times
9. Dimension           125*236mm
10. Weight          1.5kg

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