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CH-8800 Multifunctional Remote Control Searchlight



Railway, electric power, public security, steel, petrochemical and other enterprises.


A. Inverter function: It can provide work & emergency power supply with 350W for other appliances, power tools, electrical equipment, instruments, and office equipments with 220V.

B. Light source:

a. With its own power supply;

b. With the 24Vpower source of a car or ship, etc: long time.

C. High efficacy& Energy-saving:

a. Two work modes: Strong light& work light.

b. Illumination distance: 1200m;

c. Strong light: Luminous flux: 3000Lm with; continuous lighting time: 5h

Work light: 10h,when its own power supply is used.

D. Waterproof:

a. Full-sealing design: waterproof performance;

b. Special alloy & bullet-proof shell: enable it to withstand strong collision and impact.

E. Reliable& Emergency use:

a. Polymer lithium-ion battery: chargeable at any time.

b. There remains no less than 95% of the full capacity within 6 months and 65% within 2 years once fully charged.

F. Convenient& suitable:

a. Lamp head: can be turned freely all around within 360°.

b. Lamp can be fixed to the lamp body or other supports; also it can be easily removed and used by handholding.

c. The entire body can move flexibly and the operation is simple.

d. It can make up-down movements easily within 1.2 to 2.8 meters if a triode is adopted.

e. The pressure tripod will have an automatic protection when it drops.

Technical parameters

1. Patent No.: 02376045.1

2. Shell protection grade: IP65

3. Rated voltage    24V

4. Rated capacity    20Ah

5. Light source      current       strong light      4A

                             Work light    1.5A

Luminous flux    strong light        3000Lm

                Work light          1000Lm

6. Continuous working time        ≥1000h

7. Continuous lighting hour    strong light   5h

                          Work light    >10h

8. Charging hour         after used normally          12h

After the battery runs out    ≥16h

9. Battery service life      recyclable   about 1000 times

10. Dimension        300*248*715mm

11. Height of triode   1.2-2.8m

12. Weight         18kg

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