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FD5820 Directional Light

Metallurgy, railway, electric power, public security, oil fields, petrochemical industries.
a.      High-power battery;
b.      Large capacity, no memory, environment-friendly, low self-discharge rate, good charge& discharge performance, recyclable and long life.
Lighting Hour: No less than 12 hours once fully charged.
Lighting distance:
a. Lighting distance: no less than 5,000 meters;
b. Especially suitable for workmen in railway, highway patrol, construction workers, traffic police & other special operations personnel.
a.      Precise structure & German bullet-proof materials; strong collision & impact resistant performance.
b.      Shell protection grade: IP65; can withstand direct spray of high-pressure water cannon, storm & wave sputtering.
Easy to use:
a. Small size & light weight;
b. Carrying methods: suspender, buckle, binding or magnetic attachment.
Color: Three colors are optional: red, yellow & green.
Technical parameters:
1.Rated voltage     2.4V
2.Rated capacity     2Ah
3.Flash frequency    1.5±0.5Hz
4.Average current   160mA
5.Continous lighting hour   12h
6.Charge hour   8-10h
7.Dimension   130*88*43mm
8.Weight    0.3kg

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