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FD5830 Double Side Orientation Light

Railway, metallurgy, electric power, public security, oil fields, petrochemical industries.
Warning time:
a.      High power battery; large capacity, no memory and low self-discharge rate.
b.      Continuous illumination time: no less than 12h once fully charged.
Warning range:
a.      Double-side lighting;
b.      Largest visible distance: 1600m for each side.
Application characteristics:
a.       Carrying methods: hand, magnetic force or hung against thin wall.
b.      Length of body: adjustable.
c.       It is easy to operate and carry.
Applicable environment:
a.      Good sealing & waterproof performance; can work normally in various harsh environments in the field;
b.      Shell: Imported high-strength alloy; can resist strong collision and impact.
Protection Device:
a.      Low-voltage display device can remind users to charge in time;
b.      Intelligent charger: It has short circuit protective & charging display device.
Technical parameters
1.Rated voltage    3.7V
2.Rated capacity   1.2Ah
3.Light source(LED) working current   100mA
                  Flash frequency    1.5±0.5Hz
                  Average life cycle ≥100000h
                  Continuous lighting time   >12h
4.Charging time      6h
5.Battery service life     recyclable about 1000 times
6.Dimension   length   268 mmFolded         
                     350 mmUnfolded 350mm
                     Diameter (Lamp head):φ100mm
7.Weight               0.8kg
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