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JXT2600 High Power Xenon Light

Railway, electric power, public security, oil fields, mines and other outdoor places.
Lighting distance: It has high brightness, strong condensative capacity and the illumination distance: 1200 meters.
High-efficiency energy-saving:
a.      Metal halide lamp.
b.      Luminous flux: 2400lm, 5 times of the halogen bulbs with the same power.
c.       Service life: 5-10 times of the normal halogen bulbs;
d.      Energy consumption: only 15% of normal halogen bulbs with the same brightness index.
e.       Low heat, good shock-proof performance, more safe and reliable.
Reliable & durable:
a.      High-power battery, large capacity, no memory, no pollution, low self-discharge rate and good charge & discharge performance.
b.      There remains no less than 90% of the full capacity within 1 year and 70% within 2 years once fully charged.
Waterproof & durable:
Made of imported engineering plastics; strong shock-proof, anti-impact and anti-collision properties.
Technical parameters:
1.Patent No.: 01318426.1
2.Shell protection grade: IP65
3.Rated voltage   14.8V
4.Rated capacity   6Ah
5.light source HID lamp rated power    24W
                    Working current 1.6A
                   Luminous flux 2400Lm
                Average service life 3000h
6.Continous lighting hour    3h
7.Charge time      8h
8.Battery service life     recyclable  about2000 times
9.Dimension   125*236mm
10.Weight    1.3kg

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