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JXT2690 Multifunctional Searchlight

Railway, electric power, public security, fire fighting, army, oilfields, metallurgy and petrochemical enterprises.
1. Good helper for site investigation; small high efficient high color temperature light source. Strong UV of light source excites objects, helping display an apparent contrast of subtle traces.
2. Its continuous working time is 1.5h.
3. It can be equipped with many varieties of filters and lens of even light to achieve an even lighting surface.
4. It has mounting holes for a tripod.
5. It can be used with an external main power or 12V power source(exclusive accessory is required).
Technical parameters:
1.Rated voltage of battery    12V
2.Voltage applicability: DC11-14
3.Rated capacity of battery   4Ah
4.light source    
               rated power        24W
               Luminous flux   2000Lm
              Average service life   5000h
           Continuous working time      1.5h
5.Charge hour        6h
6.Battery service life   recyclable      2000 times
7.Dimension   138*230mm
8.Weight    1.65kg

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