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JXW8210 Portable Multifunctional Xenon Light

Railway, electric power, public security, steel and petrochemical enterprises, etc.
a. Elegant outlook & easy operation.
b. Lighting modes: hand carrying, table laying, magnetic attachment & pendent mounting, etc.
c. Lamp head and handle can be adjusted freely within 135 ° to 180 ° (with 15 ° as an adjusting interval).
a. Metal halide lamp;
b. Luminous flux: 20001m, 5 times of the halogen bulbs with the same power.
c. Service life: 5-10 times of the normal halogen bulbs;
d. Continuous lighting time: over 2.5h.
e. Energy consumption: only 15% of normal halogen bulbs with the same brightness index;
f. Low heat emission.
a. Battery: large capacity, good performance, low self-discharge rate;
b. With its compact structure, light weight, it's easy to be removed and replaced.
c. Once fully charged, there remains 85% of the full capacity within 6 months and 60% within 2 years.
a. Precise structure, special alloy & bullet-proof material; can withstand strong collision and impact.
b. Good sealing treatment; waterproof; can endure storms and heavy rains.
Technical parameters:
1.Patent No.:   200530036289.4   Shell protection grade:IP65
2.Rated voltage     12V
3.Rated capacity     5Ah
4.HID light source   working voltage   12V
               rated power      24W 
            Luminous flux     2000Lm
              Average service life   10000h
5.Continous working time         ≥2.5h
6.Charge hour        10h
7.Battery service life   recyclable     about2000 times
8.Dimension    180*130*260mm
9.Weight      3.55kg

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