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RW5100 Bright LED Torch

Railway, electric power, public security, steel, and petrochemical enterprises.
High efficacy& Energy-saving:
a.      LED light;
b.      Energy saving, high luminous efficiency, long service life, maintenance-free, without follow-up cost.
Three main functions:
a.      Anti-skid: The granular surface designincreases sense of friction with anti-skid function, preventing any light slip due to palm sweating.
b.      Health care: It can indirectly promote blood circulation and helps relieve fatigue for workmen when different acupuncture points on the palm get access to the granular surface.
c.       Heat dissipation: The granular surface increases the emission area and speeds up the heat dissipation generated in the lighting process, effectively extending the lamp service life.
Rechargeable Battery:
a.      Li-ion battery;
b.      High power, large capacity, excellent charge & discharge performance, low self-discharge rate, economy, environment-friendly, recyclable, no pollution.
Alarm function: Three lighting modes: work light, emergency light andrear warning light.  
Economical & Energy-saving:
a.       Power consumption: 20% of the incandescent light with the same luminous flux.
b.      Lasting lighting time: 10h (strong light); 20h (work light).
Applicable environment:
a.      Anti-static, waterproof, shockproof & anti-corrosion;
b.      Can work normally under various harsh environmental & climatic conditions.
Intelligent Protection:
a. Optimized circuit: discharge protection function, preventing failures such as short circuit.
b. Intelligent charger: Overcharge short circuit protection & charging display system.
Technical parameters:
1. Patent No. 200530045759.3
2. Shell protection grade IP65
3. Rated voltage   3.7V
4. Rated capacity   4Ah
5. LED light source       lamp head lighting source         power    1W
                       Rear alarm light source         power   0.1W
                       Luminous flux of main light source      80Lm
                       Average service life               ≥100000h
6. Lighting hour    main light source    ≥10h
               Rear alarm light    ≥20h
7. Charge hour      8h
8. Battery service life     recyclable 1500 times
9. Dimension           58*186mmouter diameter* length)
10. Weight         0.5kg

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