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SFD9000A Portable High Power Work Light

Railway, electric power, public security, fire fighting, oilfields, metallurgy and petrochemical enterprises.
A.    Applicable to railway night-time repair, electricity night-time repair & accident scene for large-scale emergency strong lighting.
B.     In the event of a power failure, it can provide lighting as a high-power emergency light should a small generator be mounted in the cart.
C.     Applicable to a variety of fields: can be rotated horizontally within 0 ~ 420 ° and pan/tilt within 0 ~ 380 ° by the line control or remote control.
D.    Power supply: main power or small electric generator.
Technical parameters:
1.Shell Protection Grade: IP65
2.Rated voltage   AC220V
3.Light source  rated power 2*70/2*150W
             Working current     0.7/1.5A
             Luminous flux     11200/23000Lm          
             Average service life 10000h
4.Illumination Radius   1200m
5.Pan/tilt     pitch angle   330 degree
           Horizontal rotation    420 degree
6.Effective distance of the remote control   30m
7.Dimension    1200*900*350mm
8.Weight    50kg

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